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At American Recruiting & Consulting Group, we focus on helping our clients grow by offering a unique blend of services in the talent acquisition space. For over 25 years, clients have told us the caliber of employees that they need to grow, and we have listened.

We offer a unique and trademarked research model, Recruitment Intelligence™, as well as retained, contingency and consulting services. We’ve developed a proven 7 stage end-to-end recruitment model to give you unsurpassed quality.

ARC Group was established in 1982 and has been consistently ranked in multiple issues of Florida Business Journals’ Top 25 Executive Search and Consulting Firms for the last 14 years. With over 100 employees and multiple locations throughout the Country, we have asserted ourselves as a leader in the recruitment and consulting sectors.


We provide our clients with integrated Recruiting & Consulting solutions such as:
Contract and Contract to Hire
Full Time Employees through Direct Sourcing and Recruiting of passive candidates (non-job seekers) in the marketplace.
Total Outsourced Consulting Services
Our exclusive research recruitment model (Recruitment Intelligence™)
We provide these services in the following Areas:
Information Technology
Accounting and Finance
Sales and Marketing
Executive Management
Operations and Administration
As Well As Others
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Recruiting Passive Candidates
“With ARC Group’s flexible Contract To Hire Services, we are able to evaluate how potential employees fit into our team before making a huge financial commitment of hiring Full Time.
This has proven to be a major advantage over other search firms we’ve worked with.”
VP at Kaplan University

OUR Mission to:

To be a trusted partner and solutions provider to our clients’ challenges through listening, integrity and dedication.
To encourage, nurture and respect our candidates’ needs, passions and goals and provide unparalleled follow-up and feedback to assist with their career needs.
To foster an environment that rewards excellence, productivity and performance through encouragement of self-expression, creativity and teamwork.
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Talent Mapping
Social Recruitment Strategies
“American Recruiting & Consulting Group is a step above other recruiting firms when it comes to
responsiveness, attention to our needs, and identifying top caliber talent for our organization. ”
Chief Legal Officer, WP Associates

OUR Process

ARC Group has developed and implemented a time tested method of recruiting for the identification, communication,
acquisition, preparation, retention and placement of top industry talent.
our 7 stage recruiting program
Needs Analysis
Define Requirements
Company positioning
identify Quality candidates for your organization
Present candidates to clients
Arrange interviews
debrief candidates & Clients
perform background checks
Arrange final Interview
present offer & close candidate
prepare candidates for counter offer
Our 7-stage recruitment process dramatically reduces the shortfalls associated with our competitors’ recruiting philosophies and drastically increases employee and employer satisfaction with our services.

Recruitment Intelligence™

Recruitment Intelligence™ is revolutionizing the way companies acquire their most valuable resource: People. As they say, “knowledge is power,” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that empowers employers to gain access to the 85% of passive candidates in the market.

Recruitment Intelligence™ is enabling companies of all sizes to secure the data necessary to hire the most qualified professionals in the market place, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting and hiring methods.
How Recruitment Intelligence™ works
how it works
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Best Recruitment Strategies


Aside from your resume, which is the very first impression you make on a company, your interview is the single most important step in your job search.

Please watch the following video to learn 12 basic Interviewing Tips that you should not ignore during your meeting with a potential employer.
12 interview tips
12 interview tips
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Video Interview Platform
Sifting through resumes and scheduling interviews is an extremely time-consuming process.

Not anymore.

With our exclusive video interview platform, you are now able to watch candidates answer your 4-5 screening questions during a pre-recorded video interview, which can be viewed and shared from any computer or mobile device.
Video interview platform example
Video Interview platform Example
Effective Recruiting Strategies
“I have consistently found that candidates from ARC Group come in extremely well prepared for their job interviews. As an individual who has interviewed and hired many professionals… I have always been more likely to hire an individual who asks intelligent questions during the interview, and is ready to communicate clearly to me what his or her job contributions will be. ARC has consistently sent me individuals who meet these interviewing standards, thereby having the highest likelihood of being hired, and receiving the most substantial job offers.”
Richard Shapiro, Former Senior Manager, Andersen Consulting

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It is difficult to overstate the importance of networking, and we want to encourage your participation by offering a $500 referral bonus. If you refer a friend or an associate for one of our positions, we’ll mail you a check for $500!
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