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Advantages to Using Staffing Agencies

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If you work in the Human Resources department of a company with the responsibility of recruiting and on-boarding, then you know the struggles that can happen in locating and hiring the right candidates.  Many corporations have an internal recruiting team that fill most positions, but even then there are some positions that require the use of outside help.  When that happens you should consider using an employment agency.  

Saves Money 

You may wonder why you would pay an employment agency to help you fill a position when you can do it yourself.  That would be a fair question to ask.  Many times you will be able to fill those positions yourself and save your company recruiting costs.  But what about those positions that you are having trouble finding good candidates for?  For every day you keep a position open you are losing that much more money.  Most employment agencies charge between 20-30% of the first year salary of a hire, but when you consider the costs of keeping a position open and not being productive, many times paying that fee is well worth it and cheaper in the end.  And if you sign a contract on a contingency basis, then you don’t even have to pay anything unless the recruitment agency finds the candidate you want to hire. 

Saves Time 

Your company may not have a “recruiting team” in place and only yourself, or maybe with a couple of others, are in charge of all recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding for open positions.  Sometimes you don’t have that many positions available and the workload is manageable.  But other times you may have more open positions than you and/or your staff can handle.  And the “sourcing” and reviewing of resumes parts of recruiting can be very time consuming.  Again, while the position remains open the company is losing money so it may be best to engage a staffing agency to help fill some of those positions.  That way you can use the extra time to complete the interviewing and on-boarding process as well as other daily duties that require your attention.  

More Resources 

When engaging an executive search agency you should focus on the ones that are experts in your industry with experience filling many different levels of positions.  This is important because they understand the roles and where to find people with the kind of experience you are looking for in a candidate.  And because they are looking for the same types of candidates that you typically look for, but with experience doing so with more than one client, they likely have more networking and resources available to them than the typical HR person.  Also most staffing agencies use a plethora of job board services which gives them a farther reach than most companies.  And finally, because they have recruited in your industry and many times for similar positions, they have a candidate database to use for finding the right candidate.  Whether they get them directly from there or use their relationships with other candidates to obtain referrals, that candidate pool can be tremendous resource.  

So if you find yourself in a position in HR where you have more positons open than you can handle, or if you have a few difficult positions that will seemingly stay open for months, consider engaging with an employment agency.  Companies don’t like to spend money, I get that.  But worse than that is when they lose money. 

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The Emergence of the Video Interview

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Video Interview


Technology is once again changing the world as we know it.  From computers that are more powerful than the ones that helped put us on the moon, to social media sites that allow instant communication with people all around the world.  There is no mistake that we have come a long way in the past 50 years, and even more so in the past 15 years, when it comes to technology.  It wasn’t long ago that not everyone had a cell phone.  These days you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have one. 

One of the cooler advances in technology is something that citizens all over the world have dreamed about for decades which has recently become a reality….video calls.  Since the internet is climbing to break neck speeds while staying affordable, through home networks as well as on your mobile phone and tablets, video calls are becoming commonplace.  This has made allowances that were never there before like professionals having video conference calls from all over the globe.  Or seeing a relative or friend on your computer or phone, while conversing with them, who lives thousands of miles away. 

Besides the ability for companies to have conference calls with video, another way that the professional world is taking advantage of this technology is with interviews.  I would like to point out a few reasons why video interviewing is a must for any corporation or recruitment agency. 

Convenience for everyone involved:  For years, recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters have needed to coordinate a good day and time for the Hiring Manager and candidate to meet for a face to face interview.  This much hasn’t changed, although the process that gets you to that point certainly has.  Usually there is an initial phone screen with a candidate to determine if it is necessary to schedule a face to face interview.  That hasn’t changed much either.  What has changed though is the in-between stage which can be a video interview.  This step allows the recruitment agency, corporate recruiter or Hiring Manager to essentially have a face to face interview over video.  And it allows candidates that are not located in the general area to have face time with the interviewer without having to travel (or spend money on travel expenses) or even miss work.  The video interview can be accomplished on a mobile phone, tablet or computer that has a web cam and a microphone (which most do) from their home, office or even car if necessary (although we don’t recommend the car).  

Saves money and resources:  Since the video interview can basically take place at any time from any place, this allows all people involved to be able to continue working on their day to day duties without putting anything off.  This will save the hiring company money and resources that otherwise would have been compromised.  The candidate does not have to take time off work, losing PTO or wages, and keeps them at less risk from their current employer finding out about the interview.  Hiring Managers can also schedule multiple video interviews throughout the day without having to miss a beat on their normal day to day activities.  In the end, if the video interview doesn’t go well enough to bring that candidate in for a face to face interview, then the only thing lost is a bit of time.  

Better than a phone interview:  One of the downfalls of a phone interview is the fact that the interviewer cannot see how the candidate responds to questions.  Sure, the most important part of questions are typically the answers, but body language and overall demeanor can say a lot of about someone as well.  From the candidate’s perspective the same downfalls exist.  They are just as interested in the interviewer’s body language and demeanor since this is an important career move and they will likely be reporting to them.  The recruiter or staffing agency that is conducting the interview will also feel more confident when presenting a candidate to the Hiring Manager, or client, due to their ability to have already “met” the candidate.  Also when working with a recruitment agency, the client can provide 4 to 5 “knock-out” questions that can be presented to the candidate through a pre-recorded video interview.  This will allow the client to see the candidates, hear their communication style and get a better sense for their experience based on their answers compared to just looking at a resume on a piece of paper.  No more “wondering” if the candidate has the necessary skills needed to be successful in the position. 

In the end, video interviews are the future until the future presents an even better option.  While technology may take away some of the human elements we have grown accustomed to, it is also allowing us to be more efficient in many ways.  If you are a recruitment firm or corporate recruiter, and have not yet used a video interview platform, I suggest you get familiar with it as soon as possible or you’ll will find yourself lagging behind your competitors.


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ARC Group©, the parent company of Recruitment Intelligence™, has been a niche front runner in the last 30 years in the full-time, contract and temp-to-hire recruitment and consulting markets.  Attributed to the South Florida, Jacksonville and Minnesota’s Business Journal’s collection of “Top 25 Executive Search & Consulting Firms” we have a countrywide presence, and give service all throughout the US, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Chicago and Washington. Learn more at

7 Interview Tips to Help Ease Your Stress

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Even though the economy is still struggling, companies across the country are still using recruitment agencies to help fill job openings.  At the least, that means there are jobs available and people are applying to and interviewing for these open jobs.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that job interviews are still stressful. 

The job interview tips below should help alleviate some of that stress. These are tips that we have used for years to help our candidates prepare for a job interview and ultimately get the job.  It is perfectly natural to be stressed about an upcoming job interview but if you arm yourself with information you should be able to get through it fine.  With that said, you have to dig down and remain confident that you are the right person for the job.  Trust me, confidence shows, and is welcomed, as long as it doesn’t creep into arrogance.   Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started… 

  • Do some research on the potential employer. Once you are scheduled for a job interview the first thing you should do, when you have time, is learn about the organization if you haven’t already. Go to their website and do the research needed to understand who they are, what they do, what they sell and everything else you can find out about them.  This is also the time you can come up with 2-3 questions to ask the interviewer when given the chance.  Think of big picture questions though, don’t ask about benefits or vacation time. 
  • Make sure you study. Refresh your memory on your own work history.  Study your resume, think of examples of your job experience that you can call on during your job interview.  Feel comfortable with reciting where you worked, when you worked there, what you did and why you left.  If you have any significant gaps between jobs make sure you know why that is as well.
  • Don’t forget to groom yourself. Go get a fresh haircut within a couple of days of your interview.   Get your suit/business attire pressed at the dry cleaner if possible.  Clean your shoes and make sure they look nice or buy a new pair.  If you have facial hair make sure you have that trimmed up nicely.  First impressions are extremely important so you should look your very best.
  • Get to the job interview early. You are freshly groomed with a world of knowledge about your own background and the company that you are interviewing with.  Now make sure you get to the interview no less than 15 minutes early.  As I said before, first impressions are extremely important but that doesn’t mean only looking good.  That means being punctual as well.  If possible, take a ride to the job interview location, a couple of days prior to the job interview, around the same time that the job interview would take place.  This will give you an idea of how long it should take you to get there when including traffic and construction.
  • Smile and be engaging with the interviewer. Look them in the eye when you are talking.  Do the same when they are talking and affirm you are listening by nodding when it is appropriate.  When asked about relevant experience to the position, tell them which company, position and specific duties you were responsible for and how it relates to the question you are asked.  Talk about what you did and not so much about what your team did.  At some point you will be given an opportunity to ask them questions so make sure you have a couple questions prepared from your research on the company.
  • Ask for the job. If you feel everything went well and you want the job, go ahead and ask for it.  Ask them what the next steps are or how you rank compared to other applicants.  Companies like people who want to work for them so if you want the job, make sure they know it.  Just don’t sound desperate.  As you are leaving the job interview, make sure you get some sort of contact information if you don’t already have it, preferably an email address. 
  • Write a thank you letter after your job interview. When you get home take some time to think about your job interview and what happened during it.  Were there a few skills they honed in on that would seem important to the success of a person in this role?  Write a thank you letter thanking them for their time, reaffirming your skills that are necessary to be successful and leaving any contact information for them to call or email you for the next step.  Make sure you spell check it and email it if you have the email address.  If not, you can either drop it off or send it via regular mail but the preference these days is email. 

Hopefully that will be all you need to land the job.  Of course, there may be multiple job interviews or job interviews with multiple people.  But the core information you need to be successful is listed above, regardless of the interview process.  Like I said, a job interview is stressful but a lot of times that comes from the unknown.  Maybe after you have prepared yourself you will feel there is less unknowns, therefore less stress.  Good luck and happy interviewing…


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Social Media Recruiting and Why It’s Important

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For the past several decades the recruitment industry has used what people would call traditional recruiting methods when trying to find candidates to fill open jobs.  Over the past 10 years, the advancement in technology has changed some of those traditional methods to make it easier for employment agencies to find some of the best candidates available.  This has included posting open positions to a recruitment agency website and to online job boards such as, and among many others.  This makes it easier for potential candidates to find the right job for them, and likewise, recruiters can use the resume databases those sites offer to find the right candidate. 

More recently there has been another shift within the recruitment industry.  Social Media.  People every day, and sometimes all day, connect and communicate with each other through social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  People from all over the world can now communicate with each other, instantly, even if there are thousands of miles between them and they can do it all for free.  They don’t even have to know each other to do so in most cases. 

Facebook is used by 1.35 billion people in the world right now, which is an astounding amount, and it allows people to connect with old friends, find new loves and more recently, are exposed to available job opportunities that they may be interested in pursuing. 

Twitter has become the go to place for all things news.  Major news happenings will be on Twitter anywhere from 5 minutes to hours before a major news website reports it.  With nearly 300 million users worldwide, Twitter is continuing to grow every day.  From getting updates on sports scores to hearing what a favorite celebrity recently said to the breaking news of major events, Twitter is sky rocketing in popularity.  

LinkedIn has been popular with professionals in the workforce since it launched in 2003.  As more and more people started to build their online profile, which is basically a resume, it has grown to more than 300 million users worldwide.  Most use LinkedIn to make connections in the business world to sell or buy services, or recruiting agencies and Human Resources professionals will use it to help identify and ultimately contact potential candidates for new positions they are trying to fill. 

Once you realize the amount of people that are using social media websites on a day to day basis, you realize that there is an undeniable opportunity for recruitment firms and corporate recruiters to find more, and even better, candidates than through traditional methods.  The trend seems unstoppable right now that social media sites will continue to be used to help locate and reach an audience that previously was not available.  As Google+, Pinterest and other newer social media sites continue gain in popularity, with the addition of any new sites that people flock to, the time is now to get on board with social media recruiting or you’ll be left behind.


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ARC Group©, the parent company of Recruitment Intelligence™, has been an industry leader for over 25 years in the full time, contract and temp-to-hire recruiting and consulting sectors.  Named to the South Florida, Jacksonville and Minnesota’s Business Journal’s list of “Top 25 Executive Search & Consulting Firms” we have a national footprint, and service locations throughout the US, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Chicago and Washington. Learn more at