Purchasing Agent
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Full time, permanent job

-Must have construction experience. PVF(pipe valve fitting) knowledge a plus

We are trying to hire a Purchasing Agent who is organized, efficient, multi-tasker, and can handle a construction environment.
Job Description:
  1. purchases (including monitoring and receiving email, text, and phone calls from all project managers and foreman on all active jobs, confirming availability for timely delivery, being cost conscience, matching all correspondence (confirmation, packing slip and invoice) to original PO and entering all in Quickbooks for access to information, follow up on backorders….etc.)
  2. Credits/returns/discrepancies - 
  3. Accept and distribute deliveries - UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS, Staples, freight companies.........etc.
  4. Manage and direct driver
  5. Maintain equipment rental log
  6. Maintain tool location log
  7. Maintain vehicle maintenance log
  8. Maintain hurricane room/stock for shop
  9. Answer/attend to front door