Part-Time PHP Developer- 100% Remote
Must live in Florida
4-5 hours per day, Monday-Friday

​1) Managing and overseeing other developers on daily basis, distributing the detailed development tasks, reviewing the source code and the granted access, server performance, reviewing the quality of code delivered by other developers, also reporting the daily activities to management team.

2) Experience in PHP, html, MySQL, cXML, especially in evolving e-commerce website front end and back ends. Capable of modifying the outline website design, filter, searching results displayed, ordering, registration process, customer profile, reporting, etc. Ensuring quality code documentation.

3) Skilled in reviewing and improving platform security precautions, making recommendations on the system structure design, features Enhancement including the interconnections with 3rd party ensuring a robust secured capability. Also, having in place all the system information, credentials, performance, detailed access privileges for the involved developers.

4) Interconnecting with 3rd party shipping companies (external platforms), via a standardized xml API glossary interconnection.

5) Integrating the Gift cards in the system with other 3rd party payment platforms! Also to enable users paying via Paypal accounts / credit cards.

6) Having expertise in Amazon (Product Advertising API), recommending, implementing, and enhancing the ongoing real time performance.  

7) Having expertise in Amazon punch out (Automated ordering from Amazon) system using cXML connector and OIG.

Apply here preferably or send resumes to Mason at