Our direct client, a highly respected general contracting firm, in business for over 40 years, is seeking 2 Superintendents for their Deerfield Beach office.

Project Team - Your team consists of the Project Manager, Project Coordinator (and possibly a Project Engineer) and the General Superintendent.  The team needs to be copied on all your emails.  It is imperative to maintain open communication with your team. All reports (daily reports, safety meetings, schedule updates, logs, PowerPoint presentations,etc.) need to be sent to your Project Team.

Job Costs - Superintendents are expected to watch and maintain project budgets. Superintendents are not authorized to make monetary decisions on the project with  prior approval from the  Project   Manager.

This includes independently hiring people to work on site, Home Depot costs,  company  credit card purchases  via the PC, or expense report purchases. This also extends to controlling costs on site, i.e. labor costs. Any   labor needs should be discussed with the PM before scheduling. Once you have reached a decision call the General Superintendent or Mia for set up. All labor tickets should identify the type of labor involved, scope of work, and whether  the labor is a back charge,  change order or miscellaneous job  cost that was not anticipated  in the original contract.

Drawings Review -  Review all construction  drawings and permit drawings to check for correct  date and areas that have been marked by building department, any revisions by architect or    owner, and notify all parties involved in writing.  Also check the landlord reviewed drawings.   Log    all changes into the "Changes and Clarification Log". If drawing revisions are received in the field, make sure the Project Team  receives copy.  Your team can provide a "Current Drawing    List".

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